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Business Consulting.

Executive Coaching.

Government Contracting.


Entrepreneurial (C-suite) Training – You may have a gift, but if you make one wrong move, it will cost you your business. This intensive, three or five-session track will give you the tools you need to succeed in an ever-evolving market. We will cover: getting buy-in, company culture, turning suspects into prospects, establishing ground rules, setting your price (building your value), & communication etiquette (speaking, negotiating, & meetings for you & your company).

Company "Retreat" (Enterprise, Group, or Individual) – Whether your organization is experiencing internal conflict, or you just want to treat your hardworking staff to a cooperative, educational atmosphere, this three-session track is perfect for team-building, culture reengineering, & mission realignment. Your team will learn: the value of a solid program management framework, how to maintain a dynamic culture, their purpose within the organization, & how to optimize their influence.

Sales Training (Pre-sale, Sale, Post-Sale) – This three or six-session track is for rookies and seasoned veterans who are looking to polish their approach to sales.

Start-Up (Short/Mid/Long-Term) – If you have a vision, but need a customized strategic, financial, regulatory, & execution approach, we will guide you through every facet of your start-up to ensure optimal potential for success.

Government Contracting Clinic (Short/Mid/Long-Term) – The Federal Government thrives on innovative ideas generated by new contractors. Find out how to monetize your ideas within the context of the federal space. The catch 22 is that you need past performance to secure contracts, but you need contracts to have past performance. In this track, you will be able to: create a pipeline of low, mid, and high-hanging fruit for the next five years, gain a deep understanding of the ins and outs of Federal Contracting, develop a solid win-theme, & get your company recognized by the players in the industry.


This is a select spotlight of what you should expect (each customer receives tailored services):  

Strategy (#1 Seller – Start to Finish approach to doing business, including fiscal growth, organizational architecture, branding, culture, client identification & capture, and much more)
Alignment (Client, Staff, Legal, Financial, Operational)
Negotiations, BAFOs, etc. (Experts, Who Negotiate on Your Behalf)
Sales Training (Individual or Group)
Business Development Training (Individual or Group)
Regulatory & Compliance (Including HIPAA, Software, Best Practices)
Lecture (Government Clinic, FAR, General, Healthcare, IT, etc.)
Start-Up Assistance (Government Contracting & Private Sectors)

Graphic Design & Company Branding (Full-Scope)
Print, Website, & Billboard (Hi-Res Graphics)
Social Media (Web-Res Graphics)
Conferences, Events, & Trade Shows
Turn Key Solutions

Proposal Writing, Editing, Debrief & Protest
GSA/FSS Schedules
(Start to Finish)
Strategy (Capture, Ghosting, SWOT, Bid/No-Bid, Training)

Interim CEO or COO
Events/Conference/Trade Show
(Branding, Speaking, etc.)
Trainer (Keynote &/or Q&A model)

Programs & Services