Customization - While most consultants provision "copy-cat" or general services, TGS tailors every initiative to the heart of your organization.
Innovation - Our strategy includes an initial assessment based on industry KPIs that set the baseline for cooperative growth projections.
Personalization - Our customer-centric approach ensures that expectations are set & met, & that input from key stakeholders drive all techniques & outcomes.
Our sole passion is in developing & strengthening leaders & organizations to enhance economic frameworks locally, nationally, & worldwide.

Mission Statement

Business Consulting.

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Why Reinvent the Wheel?

You can spend countless hours building your business, or you can

spend countless hours doing your business. You choose. 

What We Do

Why TGS?

Executive Coaching.

TGS offers programs & services that drive start-ups & existing businesses to optimal efficiency & fiscal performance. Utilizing a Lean Six Sigma/ISO/PMBOK model, we focus on root-cause, company culture, technology, workflows & all other facets of your business to ensure optimal uptime & quality of services.​​


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Government Contracting.